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The Coastal state of California, dotted with some of the world’s best beaches is the third largest and most populated state in the United States of America. It is responsible for contributing a large chunk to the tourism industry in America, housing cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and not forgetting Hollywood, the home of the stars. The state has been successful in drawing a lot of the young population towards its sandy beaches, high night life, universities, holiday destinations and the glitz and glamour of the world’s entertainment capital.

Often considered to have the most extroverted population, there is never a dull moment in the state of California. From theme parks to beaches to night clubs, there is a 24 hour service for the public’s entertainment. Thus it is no surprise this sunny state has a bustling dating scene.

Also known to have some of the most beautiful people, dating services are never at a loss to provide you with the most charming, classy and fun dates. Home to Hollywood and some top universities, California is also home to romance. Be it at a beach, museum, theatre, amusement park, restaurant or night club, you will not miss seeing couples cozying up to each other, turning up the heat of the night. There is always somebody for someone in the state of California.

As far as places to go on a date are concerned, California never fails to rise to the occasion. The scene is so perfectly set that it has become one on the priority list of honeymoon destinations! For a fun evening, one can always visit one of its numerous amusement parks, the most popular being the “world’s happiest place” Disneyland! From hair raising rides, to professional shows, to games and good food, it is the place to have a great time.

For a quieter experience, one can visit one of its many museums, like the Living museum, California museum of photography, Hiller Aviation museum, etc. The La Jolla sea caves are also famous for their guided tours in kayaks. There are seven caves which take two romantic hours to explore.

A weekend away can always be arranged in one of the few hundred resorts in California. Offering the best of services and architecture that’s eye candy, California offers you everything those special nights need to be.

The night life is at a high point with some of the most exquisite bars and discotheques you can come across. Amidst the scintillating décor and top of the class performers, you will spend a night to remember.

After everything, nothing can come close to being with nature. The coastal length of California has provided scope for a successful life off the coast. Be it just a walk along the shore or attending a marine show, the Californian beaches are the best to spend quality time with your date. You can choose to visit aquarium exhibitions, sea shows, Whale spotting, surfing, scuba

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